Date (UPT) Location Event
2457::05::18 Bricera

Sorin Vaylon, Overlord of Bricera and father of Jarris Vaylon, is born

2459::02::09 Bricera

Elara Vaylon, mother of Jarris Vaylon, is born

2475::07::24 Bricera

Tarlon Cervis is born

2487 Bricera

After his father's death Sorin Vaylon becomes new Overlord of Bricera

2490 Bricera

Sorin Vaylon marries Elara Vaylon

2494::04::28 Bricera

Jarris Vaylon is born

2494::09::17 Cophuran

Vince Trageton is born

2495 Bricera

Tarlon Cervis joins the Briceran fleet

2496 - 2517 Chedalon

Chedalonian Civil War

2498::03::21 Reylan

Tyleea is born

2499::08::14 Chedalon

Shiromy Gitann is born

2503::08::11 Cophuran

Darron Larcoon is born.

2504::01::28 Bricera

Mryna Qhalic is born.

2505::07::06 Bricera

Tarlon Cervis is promoted youngest Admiral in the Briceran fleet.

2511 Chedalon

Escalation of the Chedalonian Civil War: Open street battles, while in the jungles the rebels secretly start building a resistance army.

2513 Bricera

Against his father's will, Jarris Vaylon becomes a Cha'Lynh Hunter


Shiromy Gitann begins training to become a Cha'Lenh Blade Mastress. Makes first contact with Chedalonian Rebels.

2514 Chedalon

Shiromy Gitann secretly joins the chedalonian rebellion

2515 Cophuran

Vince Trageton becomes a Cha'Lynh Warrior and enters the Cophuranee military

2515::11::03 Chedalon

Shiromy Gitann and her Cha'Lynh master Thalic Shar are captured by the Chedalonian military and are to be executed at the hands of Shiromy's father. As Shar dies Shiromy's rage empowers her to break free and escape.

2517::02::27 Chedalon

Surrender of the Chedalonian Government. Chedalon becomes a democracy. A few months later Shiromy Gitann continues her Cha'Lenh training.

2517 Charnali

The first Dhilani Leviathan is constructed.


The Dhilani invade Reylan. Tyleea is able to escape the enslavement of her people and flees to Khall.

2518 Chedalon

Shiromy Gitann completes her training as a Cha'Lenh Blade Mastress

2519 Cophuran

Darron Larcoon becomes a starfighter pilot, assigned to Hunter squadron under Vince Trageton.

2520::11 Cophuran

Mryna Qhalic joins the Cophuranee starfighter corps, assigned to Hunter Squadron under Vince Trageton

2520 Haerolon

Riquanee Pirates threaten trade routes through the Cophuran system.
Ray Firkis commandeers a task force to root out the pirates and secure the trade routes.

2520 Bricera

Shiromy Gitann becomes bodyguard of Briceran Crown Prince Jarris Vaylon

2520::11::03 Cophuran

Dhilani assault. Siege over Cophuran

2520::11::04 Cophuran

Ground Assaults on Traquia and Cophris

2520::11::12 Cophuran

Vince Trageton leads Hunter Squadron on a covert operation to destroy the Dhilani Leviathan.
The mission fails yet Vince can lure the Dhilani away from Cophuran.

2520::11::16 Cophuran

Hunter Squadron is disbanded and the whole affair demented.

2521 Bricera

Mryna Qhalic returns to Bricera, Darron Larcoon follows her.
Both join the starfighter corps and are assigned to Phoenix Squadron


Vince Trageton manages to loose the Dhilani and hides on Khall.
Using his father's underworld connections He works as a problem solver for Crime Lord Vito Corlini.
He has a short affair with Tyleea, before she disappears.

2521::08::01 Hedrec

Briceran/Torlacian feud escalates, numerous border Conflicts erupt throughout the Hedrec-System.


Ambush on the Briceran royal family. Death of Sorrin and Elora Vaylon.

2521::08::07 Bricera

Jarris Vaylon survives another assault and declares open war against the Khisar clan.

2521::08::12 Bricera

Mryna Qhalic is assigned to fly covert mission for Overlord Vaylon.

2521::10::14 Torlax

Massive Briceran assault on Torlax, Purge of the Khisar clan, end of the family war.

2521::10::05 Bricera

Jarris Vaylon marries Shiromy Vaylon.

2523::04::08 Hedrec

Treaty of Hedrec between Bricera, Cophuran and Sinix
Foundation of the United Planets Alliance.

2524::04::15 Bricera

Creation of the UPMF Supreme Circle with Tarlon Cervis, Ray Firkis and Alyn Yadrec as first UPMF Supreme Commanders.

2526 Bricera

Vince Trageton uses his connections to settle down on Bricera and joins the Briceran starfighter corps.

2526 Bricera

Chedalon joins the United Planets.
Foundation of the United Planets' Senate. Jarris Vaylon becomes first UP President.

2528 Bricera

The UPMF start construction of the Warrior.

2530::10::28 Bricera

Dhilani siege over Bricera, Destruction of Bridesta 1.

2530::11::01 Bricera

Vince Trageton leads Phantom Squadron on operation 'Virus' to sabotage the Leviathan's shields. Combined UPMF assault on the Leviathan.
Dhilani Captain Xech Rhitargo defects to the United Planets, destruction of the Leviathan.

2530::11::03 Bricera

During a surprise attack by a Dhilani Task Group Khetarian extremists kidnap Shiromy Vaylon and kill Tarlon Cervis.
Vince Trageton is appointed to UPMF Supreme Commander.

2530::11::04 Bricera

The Battle for Bricera
During the Battle Vince Trageton and Jarris Vaylon board the Dhilani flagship Warlord. Vince learns that it is in fact Tyleea, who is secretly controlling the Dhilani.
Destruction of the Leviathan, Tyleea is presumed dead.

2530::11::05 Bricera

The Briceran Fleet launches a Crusade against the Dhilani to free Lady Shiromy

2530::11::10 Dhilon

The Dhilani genocide: Driven by lust for revenge Jarris Vaylon orders to obliterate Dhilon.
Shiromy Vaylon and Dhilani Dictator Marph Dralun barely escap the annihilation of Dhalarona Prime.

2530::11::23 Charnali

Briceran Attack on the Dhilani Shipyard in the Charnali Cluster. Jarris Vaylon finally looses control over himself to Tyleea's undead spirit. Vince Trageton is wounded and arrested.
After Marph Dralun is killed, Shiromy Vaylon frees Vince and together with Phantom Sqadron they flee to Cophuran.

2531::12::01 Hedrec

Secret UPA Council Meeting on Hedrec to debate the immanent threat by Jarris Vaylon.
The meeting is ambushed by Briceran Forces. Vince and Shiromy retreat to the Barjin Cluster, where their Cophuranee allies have prepared a trap for Tyleea.

2531::12::02 Barjin

Confrontation between Vince and Shiromy and Tyleea in Jarris' body. Shiromy strikes down Jarris killing Tyleea as well.

2531::01::10 Bricera

Phlic Aelhoc takes over the position as UPA President.

2531::01::12 Bricera

Shiromy Gitann and Vince Trageton are charged for murder and high treason.

2531::01::16 Cophuran

Cophuran is blamed for the crisis and excluded from the United Planets.
UPMF Blockade over Cophuran, Mutiny of the Warrior

2530::11::23 Bricera

Vince Trageton and Shiromy Vaylon escape from prison and, aided by the Warrior's mutinying crew, recapture the Briceran flagship.

2530::01::25 Cophuran

At Cophuran the major part of the Cophuranee fleet has been destroyed or surrendered to the UPMF. The Warrior arrives and covers ICR Inferno, commanded by Ray Firkis, still standing defiantly against the UPMF. Together they withdraws into the uncharted regions.

2530::02::29 Pirecco Cluster

Finding a new base in the Pirecco cluster they start building up a rebellion against the UPA's new dictatoric regime

To be Continued!