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Warrior-Class Supreme Battle Cruiser

Length: 5.0 km
Shield Rating: 28000 SBD
Hull Rating: 36000 RU
- 24 heavy Quad DIP Batteries
- 72 heavy Tripple DIP Batteries
- 120 Medium DIP Batteries
- 1 Fusion cannon

The Warrior-class is the UPMF's newest development in fleet technology. This 5km behemoth compensates the firepower of an entire fleet.

A heavy fusion cannon mounted on its bow makes up a powerful weapon against capital ships. While able to destroy smaller ships with a single shot it still delivers severe damage to larger ones. Also, numerous heavy quad and triple DIP batteries in the midship section enable the ship to deliver devastating broadsides.

Despite its size, the Warrior is a relatively fast and agile ship. Its powerful main engines thrust it up to moderate speed, while twin control engines on the wing tips allow quick turning maneuvers.