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Raptor-class Assault Frigate

Length: 600 m
Shield Rating: 2192 SBD
Hull Rating: 1168 RU
- 14 heavy twin DIP Batteries
- 4 medium DIP Turrets
- 4 heavy EMP Cannons
- 2 missile batteries

This relatively fast and agile, but still heavily armed capital ship is an ideal choice for both escorting duties and heavy assault. Its slim and spiky shape not only give enemy capital ships a smaller target area, it also allows a major part of the ship's heavy weaponry to fire at a time. In a frontal engagement, 13 of 14 heavy twin batteries, the heavy quad Ion battery and the ship's warhead launchers can deliver the maximum firepower to an enemy target, while the sides are additionally protected by two pairs of light turbolaser cannons.

However, this shape makes it rather fragile and vulnerable against warhead missile attacks. But its strong shields repel a lot of firepower and thus make up the flaw.

Lastly the frigate's hangar can hold a squadron of starfighters for additional support.