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Praetorian-Class Dreadnaught

Length: 844 m
Shield Rating: 2800 SBD
Hull Rating: 2600 RU
- 14 heavy Quad DIP Turrets
- 26 heavy point defense DIP Batteries
- 4 EMP Cannons

While opposed to its name rather to be considered a Carrier than a dreadnought, the bulky Praetorian is an old but yet powerful vessel. Tiny compared to contemporary battleships, this ship was a persistent and reliable combat vessel in the old times, although through the first two decades of the 25th century UPT it made place to more advanced cruisers like the Inferno or the Phoenix Cruiser. Yet still today a few Praetorians are in sevice, mainly in less populated sectors, most of them belonging to private owners who often keep them as flagships to their personal fleets.

The Praetorian's spacious hangar can hold a squadron of starfighters for additional defense, since the majority of its weaponry is designed for heavy combat against other capital ships rather than anti-fighter combat.

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