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Dhilani Warbird

Length: 1.9 km
Shield Rating: 7800 SBD
Hull Rating: 5296 RU
- 84 heavy energy cannons
- 68 medium energy cannons

The Dhilani Warbird has been designed for a single purpose: destruction.

This massive warship, which measures almost 2 kilometers in length, has been stripped of everything not dedicated for direct combat warfare such as hangar bays or troop garrisons, and although it may be by far not the biggest Dhilani ship, it is nonetheless superior in size and firepower to most other ships of its time.

These heavy destroyers usually make up the major part within Dhilani battle groups. What is distinctive about this kind of ships, is that they sometimes are commanded by weapon masters acting completely autonomously from each other - a great advantage when facing multiple serious opponents at a time.

The Warbird was also the base for the concept of the Dhilani Leviathan-class Command Ship. However - apart from a similar look those two ships have only little in common.