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Dhilani Trident

Length: 1.5 km
Shield Rating: 6800 SBD
Hull Rating: 4570 RU
- 4 Heavy Long range Cannons
- 32 Heavy Energy Batteries
- 74 Point defense Batteries
- 22 Energy Cannons per carried Lander

Over one mile of of pure war machinery this battleship fulfills a dual purpose: The first, and most obvious is the active combat against enemy opposition - armed with numerous heavy turrets the Trident unleashes devastating firepower upon enemy ships.

The second purpose is the most distinctive: As an Invasion carrier the Trident is the key element of Dhilani invasion warfare, carrying a trio of the massive Invasion Landers. Delivering the invasion forces to their destination, the Trident would then provide the required cover for them.

While the older, more common Tridents usually carried three Landers, newer versions are rumored to have been spottet carrying a full quartet.