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CSX-600 Corvette

Length: 145 m
Shield Rating: 460 SBD
Hull Rating: 490 RU
- 2 medium Dual Laser Cannons
- 1 medium Dual EMP cannons
- 6 medium Dual Laser Turrets
- 6 light anti fighter Turrets
- 2 Warhead Batteries

This sleek corvette is ShiCon Dynamics' first step into the construction of Capital ships. A fast and agile transport ship, mainly for the purpose of transport of higher class personnel and VIPs. Due to its flexibility and great agility the CSX-600 is suitable for many kinds of purpose, ranging from passenger lining to VIP transit and spec ops combat missions, each supported by a high customizability. The small rear hangar additionally enables the ship to carry an additional starfighter or land vehicle for reinforcements.

While armor and shields in the stock version are moderate, the ship's great speed and maneuverability make up for these flaws pretty well. Also a considerable arsenal of defence and offence weaponry found on customized military versions allows the CSX-600 to easily break through blockades, shake off followers or engage in quick hit-and-run assaults.

Recent breakthroughs in stealth plating technology have brought forth another modification that even made it into military line production. The CSX/S is a special stealth version developed by ESS scientists equipped with an effective stealth armor that hides the ship from most modern sensors without the necessity of a cloaking device.