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The Barracuda

Length: 24 m
Shield Rating: 120 SBD
Hull Rating: 160 RU
- Quad DIP Cannonss
- Dual Dhilani Energy Cannons
- Quad DIP-Turret
Warhead load: 30

One of countless customized versions of the stock BRX-700 Combat Yacht, the Barracuda is the personal ship of Vince Trageton, a present from his patron, Vito Corlini.

The Barracuda has been fitted with a large number of upgrades. Additional weapons, improved shields and armor and an engine upgrade make the Barracuda a very combat-capable vessel. In addition to this, a cloaking device allows the Barracuda to operate innoticedd on hostile territory making it the ideal craft for Trageton's rather 'special' missions for the Khall syndicate.