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The Blue Phantom

It all started with a litle comic I drew when I was bored in school. That must've been in 7th or 8th grade. With time passing my drawing and painting skills evolved and I put more focuss on the whole thing. I drew lots of sketches of the characters and developed a whole world around it all. I think it was around 1998 that I started to write a book based on the story.

I'm still writing, developing new elements around the story and hoping that one day it'll be finished ;)

The Blue Phantom Project

I've been drawing and painting ever since I can think. And like everyone else I from time to time seek to advance my skills to another level. When I found my way into 3D-modelling I suddenly found a new way to realise my ideas. I decided to try and convert all those old sketches into 3D models. Thus I got the chance to actually have all those ideas as real as possible. When I encountered the XWA-community and learned how to OPT, I suddenly found myself having a straight goal to work towards - translating all the ideas I had, all the scenes, the battles, etc. into an interactive environment, where one actually becomes part of the action. If everything develops as I hope it will, the project will feature all the aspects of the story and maybe more.

Long story short: The TBP Project for X-Wing Alliance will feature all facettes of the original story.

This Site

This site does not only act as a platform for the TBP Project, but also presents the many different aspects of the entire story, meaning characters, locations, story, history, etc. In the future I will add more and more stuff, as both the project and the story itself evolve.

This section gives you information on some of the characters that make their appearance in the story. They include general data as well as a short summary of their background.

This section gives detail on the various vehicles from the story as well as those that will appear in the XWA project. This section is devided into three categories: Starfighters, Transports and Capital Ships.

In this sections all the locations that you encounter in the course of the story(even if just by mentioning) are introduced. Most of these are planets, there are however some other locations that might be of some interest as well.

This Section gives a short summary of each campaign in the XWA Project. As of recently this page now features small previews of the actual ingame mission pics as you will find them in simulator mode.

This section not only summarizes the general storyline but also gives background information on other events in the history.

This is a chronological summary of all major events within last 100 years in the TBP Universe.

Here you find explainations of various items, names and terms from the story.

A collection of miscellaneous art all around the story, including posters, renderings, drawings and what not.

This section holds all the downloadable files from the Project up to its recent state.

This table shows the current progress of the entire project(not the website content) and is updated regularly.

Frequently asked questions about anything regarding The Blue Phantom and the TBP Project. If you have any further questions, let me know!

Legal stuff.

This is a list of all the people that are involved into this project.

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The Comic

Well, what's left of it - or better: what evolved from it. The comic is where it all started. I drew many dozens of pages by hand, colored them and was so incredibly proud of it :). Well, times have changed and so have my methods. When I got my first scanner I first started to use the computer to colorize the drawings - oh what a relief! work went quicker and I focussed more on the preproduction than the drawing itself. However, just recently I found some very old pages that showed ships or other objects, which I still have, or more precise, am OPTing right now.

Throughout the page, you will find pics entiteled "Original Comic Image". Those are pictures right out of the comic(horrible quality), that are still resemblant with one of my current projects. I have touched them up a little so they don't look that crappy anymore. In time I will probably add more of those as well.