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- A -


Supreme Commander Alyn Yadrec's Inferno-Class Destroyer Athena is the flagship of the third UPMF fleed. Serving more than twenty years it was finally destroyed during an attempted kamikaze attack on the by then renegade SBCR Warrior.

See Inferno Destroyer!

- B -


The Barracuda is the personal Combat Yacht of Vince Trageton and was a gift of Vito Corlini. The Barracuda has been given countless upgrades and modifications.

see Barracuda

Black Scorpion

A BRX-750 Combat Yacht, flown by Mryna Qhalic. Upgraded numerous times it one day becomes the most powerful craft of its kind, besting even fighter craft in combatability

see Black Scorpion

Blade Master

See Cha'Lynh!

Blue Phantom

The alter identity of the Barracuda, flown by Eric and Kyaara Hunter

see Barracuda

- C -

Cha'Lynh (fem. Cha'Lenh)

Based on the intense augmentation mental and physical strength and the development and advancement of telecinetic skills the Cha'Lynh ere iniciated to be superior warriors. Originally founded as an order of a few 'chosen' individuals, they evolved through the centuries and became a large organized community of warriors, whose members are spread over hundreds of worlds. At the point of the Battle for Bricera there were Cha'Lynh academies to be found on all prime worlds.

There are four classes of Cha'Lynh:


- The general and non-specialized form of the Cha'lynh, well trained in all variants of fighting - firearms, melee and sword fighting, marksmanship, air and space combat, telecinetic and tactics. Thus trained Warriors are able to be sent on missions that otherwise require a team of specialists.
Famous Warriors: Vince Trageton

Blade Master:

- This Cha'Lynh class is specialized on combat with one or multiple melee weapons as well as the weaponless fight. Fast, elegant, silent and efficient they are ideal assassins or infiltrators, especially as combined force with a Hunter.
Famous Blade Masters: Shiromy Vaylon, Thalic Shar


- Trained to use any kind of firearms Hunters are specialists when it comes to long range combat. Their precision and efficiancy along with their stealth skills make them perfect backup and fire support for attacking strike teams or also other Cha'Lynh, e.g. Blade Masters.
Famous Hunters: Jarris Vaylon


- as the name says, this class holds the absolute air superiority. Pilots are trained to handle any ground, air or space vehicles. A fully trained and experienced Cha'Lynh Pilot may as well take the competence of an entire fighter squadron.

- D -


The Dhilani are a reptiloid race originating from the planet of Dhilon.


DIP Weapons are energy-based fireweapons for all ranges. Mainly distributed by the companies Phoenix DIP and PowerPulse Technology they range from small handguns to battleship turrets and are commonly used all over UPA territory.

To use DIP cannons , they need to be charged up first. Concentrated energy is stored and focussed around a solid core. Once charged the energy can be set portioned allowing any fire mode from low powered rapid fire to a single powerful blast. The same goes for capital ships. This makes them flexible in fighting both fighters and other capital ships.

The Warrior's Fusion Cannon is like a huge bundle of several DIP turrets that focus a high amount of energy. Like normal DIP cannons The energy to be released can be either released in a single devastating blast or devided into several shots.


The Phoenix Cruiser Dominance was constructed during the final years of the war between the Vaylon and Khisar clan and is the sister ship of the Glory. After the UPMF siege over Cophuran and the loss of the Warrior it becme the new Briceran flagship

see Phoenix Cruiser

- F -

Fusion Cannon

The primary weapon of the UPMF's flagship, SBCR Warrior, is a hybrid between a ray and a projectile weapon, or rather, a combination of the two. The main payload is a concentrated energy projectile of immensely destructive power. While such projectiles by themselves already do a lot of damage when fired directly at a target, scientists and tactical analysts figured out that the effectiveness can be increased considerably by finding a way to bring the projectile right into the target. As a result the fusion cannon works in two firing phases.

- The first one is a very powerful constant energy beam that pierces through shields and hull like a drill to 'prepare' the target for the second phase.

- In the second phase the highly condensed energy charge is fired at the exact same coordinates. If phase one was successful the charge will detonate inside the target and thus cause lethal damage.

This technique is extremely deadly for targets whose shields aren't strong enough to repel the phase one beam. Larger targets that are able to withstand the beam, will still suffer major shield or hull damage once the projectile explodes.

- G -


The Glory is a heavy Phoenix Cruiser and as been the flagship of the Briceran fleet, until the construction of the Warrior was completed. Under the command of Captain John Feldriggs the Glory was destroyed by the explosion of the Dhilani Flagship Warlord during the Battle for Bricera

see Phoenix Cruiser

- H -


See Cha'Lynh!

- I -


The Inferno is the first heavy destroyer of its class and stands in as the Cophuranee flagship. During the UPMF siege iit managed to survive the attack and joined up with the renegade SBCR Warrior.

See Inferno Destroyer!

- O -

Order of Ydaa

The Ydaa are very old order of priestesses on the planet of Reylan. Seeking the absolute perfection and purification of the mind and the independance from a living body they develop enourmous mental and kinetic powers. When the Dhilani invaded Reylan, most of the order was wiped out. Tales say that when that happened, the more powerfull of the priestesses were able to solve from teir dying bodies and lived on as spirits in mental perfection. The only surviving Ydaa of the Reylan massacre was Tyleea, who was able to flee the slaughter and enslavement of her people.


The planetary government of a world under the rule of an sovereign is quite common throughout the UPA territory. Bricera, Torlax and Phaenis are examples. While single planets are ruled by a king or sovereign, some of the reigns spread over more than one planet. These territories are then governmed by a so-called Overlord.

Whether these reigns are inherited or elected depends on the respective planets' culture and history. It is yet a requirement for UPA membership that the rule distances itself from any form of suppression or dictatorship. To apply for joining the UPA a planet must undergo an in-depth inspection of a committee that examine the political, social and cultural circumstances on the prime world and the related planet(s).

- P -


The Pegasus is a modified BRX-700 Combat Yacht and was the personal ship of Overlord Dalor Khisar. After the taking over of Torlax by Briceran Forces Overlrod Jarris Vaylon gave it to Admiral Tarlon Cervis as a gift and a trophy.


See Cha'Lynh!

Prime World

Most star systems have a planet that is the political center and holds the ruling body of the system. In most cases a star system identifies and names itself by its prime world. If the system doesn't have a fixed prime world, it's named after its central star or sun.

- S -

Supreme Commander

The highest military rank in the UPMF hirarchy. There are three Supreme Commanders controlling a third of the entire military force each. They have the high command over the United Planets' Navy, Army and starfighter corps.

- T -

Task Force: Warrior

A group of renegade UPMF Officer under the lead of former Supreme Commander Vince Trageton and Lady Shiromy Vaylon, that made a stand against the corrupt UPA government after the death of Jarris Vaylon.

- U -

United Planets Standard Time (UPT)

A standardised time zone that was introduced after the foundation of the United Planets. It covers years, months, days, hours, minutes and seconds.
Example: 2530::11::19-16:48:20.

United Planets Alliance (UPA)

The United Planets' Alliance is a democratic group of several dozen star systems that share political, economical and military bonds. Each member of the UPA supplies two ambassadors to create the UPA Senate. The Senate is led by a UPA President who is elected for five years. The president can e re-elected once.

The United Planets were founded at the Treaty of Hedrec, signed by the three founding Prime Worlds Bricera, Cophuran.

United Planets' Military Forces (UPMF)

The United Planets' Military Forces are the united forces of all UPA members.

Along with the senators the planetary delegations are completed by the commander of the respective planet's military/defense forces, if so available. These military commandants are responsible to a circle of three Supreme Commanders, the so-called Admirals' circle, who report directly to the UPA President. To order any military endeavors, however, the UPA President requires the approval of the senate. A positive vote of 67% is required to approve of the President's actions.

- W -


1.: A general Cha'Lynh form. See Cha'Lynh!
2.: The Warrior is the first and only built Supreme Battle Cruiser and the flagship of the consolidated UPMF fleet. During the UPMF siege over Cophuran the Warrior was captured by a group of mutinying renegade Military officers and became the flagship and base of operations to the newly founded Rebellion against the corrupted UPA government.

- Y -


See Order of Ydaa!